Project Wedding Cake (iv)

13 Aug

I think I’ve cracked it. *happy dance*

After a good chat with my grandma and a lot of reading, I made the 12″. I doubled up the greaseproof paper within the tin and also tied a layer of greaseproof paper around the entire tin, to ensure that the cake didn’t cook too quickly on the outside (I decided on the greaseproof paper instead of the ripped up tea towels as I figured the prospect of setting my kitchen on fire was really just an additional stress I could do without). The cake turned out perfectly (160C fan for 1hr35min), and with my new exciting cake decorating tools it was just a matter of taking a bit of time to decorate it properly. I left the cake to cool overnight and then sliced it into three with the cake leveler. Never, ever will I try to cut a cake with a knife again! The cake leveler was excellent and the layers were pretty much identical in height. It was definitely worth the money.

In terms of frosting, I tried a new cream cheese frosting recipe which substituted some of the butter for shortening, and I’m pleased to say it firmed up fantastically. I wasn’t as impressed with the flavour as the previous frosting, but with the fondant and red velvet cake it tasted wonderful (my housemates can attest to this also: I waltzed up to them, shoved a spoonful of frosting into their mouths and then peered at them/interrogated them for a good ten minutes. They assured me that yes, it did indeed taste of cream cheese frosting). I did an initial crumb layer and refrigerated the cake for a couple of hours, and then did the top layer. I tried to get the frosting as smooth as possible, and it really did make a difference when applying the fondant. Even my friend ACW said that it looked professional *gleeful clap*!

Then for the huge test…….fondant refrigeration. Eek! The cake board I had made (DIY job again!) was too big to fit in the biggest box I had, so I ended up putting the top of the cake box over the top of the cake, on the cake board (hope that makes sense). Then I wrapped the whole lot in clingfilm, placed a little pot of bicarbonate of soda inside, and tried my best to forget about it. This was pretty difficult because every time I opened the fridge a massive white box taking up the entire centre shelf of my fridge stared back at me. But I resisted…like those little impatient kids at 5am on Christmas morning when they KNOW that Santa’s practically comatose after drinking the sherry left out for him (plus a bit more from the alcohol cabinet), and the presents are just sat there, staring at them from under the tree looking so sparkly and perfectly wrapped. It’s NOT easy to hold back from ripping all of the paper off to find out what’s inside.  So I went out with my parents. The box was safer without me in the house. On cake day I took the whole lot out and let it come to room temperature for around six hours before touching ANYTHING! This was even more difficult than leaving it in the fridge. I can only liken it to those cruel psychological tests that people do to children, where they put a plate of marshmallows in front of them and tell them not to eat them, then leave the room. If all this effort wasn’t going to pay off, I think I’d scream. Drum roll please……..annnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddd……………..


Words cannot describe my happiness. There was a tiny bit of condensation on the cake but it wasn’t noticeable unless you were looking for it. Interestingly, the fondant bow which I had made was more affected than the rest of the cake, but as I’m not making any decorations out of fondant icing for the wedding cake I’m going to relax. Actually, it added a little bit of a nice shine to the bow, so I could even go so far as to say it was tactfully planned. Every cloud, and all that.

So I’m feeling a lot more confident about the whole thing now. I still need to figure out a way to get the stacking perfectly level as this cake was a lone tier, but I’m confident that with a good ruler and a sharp set of cable cutters (I never for one minute ever thought I’d be sourcing these things for baking) I might be able to get it just right. I’m also considering buying a spirit level, but I’m wondering whether that would just be taking perfectionism a little too far?


2 Responses to “Project Wedding Cake (iv)”

  1. mydearbakes August 17, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    Love the cake, it’s simple and yet elegant =)

    • DrinksAndNibbles August 17, 2012 at 3:47 pm #

      Thanks! It was a bit of an experiment really. I’m going out to buy some gum trag when I get back from holiday to experiment with making some new decorations!

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