A good tipple

17 Aug

I don’t normally review wines, I know, but I’ve not been cooking anything new and exciting, so the kitchen has been rather quiet whilst I get ready for our ‘relaxing’ trip to Barcelona…….cue emptying all drawers/cupboards/storage spaces hunting for passports and lost euros, spending the morning in A&E because of a terribly painful ear, trying to find a new bikini in three hours and losing hope when the only five shops near me are completely sold out and only have mismatching tops/bottoms in completely the wrong sizes (can I go to Barca with no bikini?) and having to splurge on the only one I can find because, well, it’s the only one I can find, cycling frantically back home to empty desk drawers/filing cabinets to try and find all car details necessary to cycle frantically to the parking office to buy parking permits for the new car, to cycle frantically back home again to check in for flights and make sure all is ready for our early am departure, to double and triple check that the taxi company will definitely wake up in time to come and pick us up to take us to the airport, and ‘can I really get everything in a bag for under 20kg??’, and the upsetting realisation that I don’t actually have a suitcase to pack any clothes into so I may well look like bag lady when I turn up to the airport tomorrow morning, and THEN PD tells me that the boarding cards I have just printed out say that our flight left TODAY. Not tomorrow, TODAY. As in, THIS MORNING. Then came the wobbly lip as I nearly burst into tears, and he rushed over to tell me that he was joking. Ha. Ha. Ha. NOT a good time for pranks. So he has now poured me a glass of wonderfully chilled white wine and I am taking a little bit of time to write this and let the wine work its magic to relax my pre-holiday stress levels.

And this wine is good. So I thought I’d share. Just in case you’re ever in the same situation and need a nice little tipple. 

I don’t really like sweet white wines unless it’s going alongside a dessert, and even then I can only take a little. I much prefer slightly drier whites, but it’s often difficult to find a white which excites me but which also doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket. This bottle comes in at around £8-9 from Majestic, or £6.99 per bottle when buying two. At that price, I’ll have two please. It’s ‘The Ned Black Label Waihopai River Sauvignon Blanc 2011 Marlborough’, and it actually won a decanter trophy this year for being the best New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc for under £10. The tasting notes suggest that it has a ‘nose of nettles and grass which lead to generous gooseberry flavours with a smoky herbal twist on the palate.’ There is also apparently added complexity from a ‘subtle gun flint minerality’. Personally I get hints of grass and grapefruit on the nose, with zesty, warm tones on the palate, filled with notes of pineapple, gooseberry and yes, a touch of grass and herbiness. I don’t know what flint tastes like so I can’t vouch for that one, I’m not often in the habit of going around and licking rocks, but perhaps I ought to from now on to improve my tasting notes? If you’re looking for something a bit more complicated than your average sauv blanc, something easy on the purse and definitely enjoyable, I’d definitely recommend trying it out. Do let me know what you think. It would go really well with a light salad or light, lemony seafood I reckon. Or just on its own, when you need a little glass of something to bring you back to that holiday mood, once you’ve found the passports and the euros, and you’re feeling somewhat reassured that no, your flight did not leave without you this morning, and yes the taxi driver has a perfectly good alarm clock and will be at your door at 4.15am to pick you up, and that hey, it’s okay to chill out on the sofa with a glass of wine sometimes. Especially when it’s as tasty as this one.


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