Button cupcakes

28 Mar

So…the reason we were going a bit button-happy with the old fondant was because my lovely housemate Hannah had a bit of a bake off at work, and the theme was ‘collections’. I’m sure a lot of you all have that little box under the stairs with random odd buttons which don’t really match anything, big ones, small ones, that odd cracked one which is still there because, well, it just belongs in the button box. No? Just me? I used to love rummaging through my mum’s button box. The lovely noise that the buttons make when they clip against one another, and the wonderful feel of the cool little shapes when you trickle your fingers through them…(simple things!).

Anyway! So buttons were to be the ‘collection’ item, and we tried to recreate some of that magic of the button box with fondant. The cupcake recipe was a straightforward chocolate sponge from the hummingbird bakery cookbook, with a vanilla frosting (which I can wholeheartedly recommend after Hannah left me one this morning…..I was going to be good and only have a little nibble and a healthy breakfast, and save the rest until later, but it was so good, it lasted all of about five minutes. Whoops!).

photo (2)

It is such a simple idea but is so colourful and pretty (and tasty!). It turns a very simple cupcake into something much more fun and creative. Yum!

photo (1) photo


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