30 Sep

There is something quite civilised and indulgent about a well made macaron. Unfortunately I haven’t quite reached that stage, and mine are more squiffily rough around the edges than fine-dining in Paris. However, I took the first step and made a first batch. From what I have read since I have come to the conclusion that my egg whites were most likely underbeaten and the mixture undermixed…so here’s to round 2! (good job I’m back in the gym…)

The recipe I chose to use was from this great blog:

…however, it seems that there are two ways to make macarons. One with an italian meringue (involves melting the sugar with water to a specific temperature) and one which doesn’t. This recipe doesn’t, which is actually why I chose it. It sounded easier. The majority of the other recipes which I have read do use the italian meringue method, and I’m wondering whether to go down that route for round two. Hmm…decisions, decisions!



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