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Bircher Muesli

6 May

I had never heard of Bircher muesli until I met Daps, and now it’s a firm favourite breakfast choice. It’s easily digestible, wonderfully tasty and superduper healthy – what’s not to love? Now that summer finally seems to be arriving, there should be loads of lovely summer fruits available to make this a beauuutiful breakfast!

Recipe (for 1)
1/2 to 1 cup oats (I prefer jumbo oats)
Splash of apple juice
Splash of water
Low fat natural or greek yoghurt (watch the sugar content of ‘low fat’ – sometimes the full fat varieties are actually better for you!)
Teaspoon honey
Half an apple, grated
Load of scrummy berries

1. Place your oats in a bowl and pour over some apple juice and water. You only want enough to be able to see the water at the sides, not so much that you’re drowning the oats! Give it a stir and cover with clingfilm to leave in the fridge overnight – the oats will soak up the juice.

2. Take your oats out and give them a stir, if they look like they need a bit more moisture add a tad more juice.

3. Add your grated apple and stir until well incorporated.

4. Plonk a couple of generous tablespoons of yoghurt onto your oats, sprinkle with your fruit and drizzle with the honey, then sit outside in the sun and feel suitably smug that you’re starting your day off so healthily!